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In the Media

12 October 2023

Society's 75th attracts a great turnout - by Brenda Harwood (The Star)

27 July 2023

No-one is who they seem - Review by Brenda Harwood (The Star)

20 July 2023

Bumbling inspector returns to spotlight - by Brenda Harwood (The Star)

22 August 2022

Youth brings fresh view, director reckons - by John Lewis (Otago Daily Times)

11 December 2021

Talented Young Cast Impresses - Review by Barbara Frame (Otago Daily Times)

9 May 2021

Local Theatre Alive and Well Under Teenage Director - Review by Regan Horrell (Talk on the Taieri)

9 May 2021

Teenager Youngest Director in Theatre's 75 Year History - by Regan Horrell (Talk on the Taieri)

17 August 2018

Taieri Dramatic Society toasts 70th anniversary - (Taieri Times)

16 August 2018

Kiwi comedy keeps laughs coming - Review by Elizabeth Bouman (Otago Daily Times)

17 May 2018

Production rich in one liners - Review

12 May 2018

Humorous entertainment for an adult audience - Reveiw by Elizabeth Bouman (Otago Daily Times)

3 May 2018

Kiwi play marks milestone - (The Star)

25 April 2018

One act play mark 70th anniversary - by Brenda Harwood

24 January 2018

Recognition for theatre veteran - by Mike Houlahan (Taieri Times)

19 December 2017

Contribution to Dunedin theatre scene recognised - by Kayla Hodge (Otago Daily Times)

16 December 2017

Interview with cast of Badjelly the Witch (starts at 20mins 20secs) - (Global Youth NZ on Youth Zone - Otago Access Radio)

10 December 2017

Slick, polished ‘Badjelly’ great fun - by Elizabeth Bouman (Otago Daily Times)

6 December 2017

Badjelly play comes to Mosgiel (video) - by Rosell Labone (The South Today - Channel 39)

29 November 2017

Children's classic now to be seen on stage - by Brenda Harwood (Otago Daily Times)

10 June 2017

Tough, blokeish facade cracks - by Emer Lyons (Otago Daily Times)

16 May 2016

Review: Sitcom re-created convincingly - by Elizabeth Bouman (Otago Daily Times)

23 September 2015

Search for Vicar of Dibley - by John Lewis (Otago Daily Times)

19 August 2015

Need for community to embrace 'this wee theatre' - by Eileen Goodwin (Otago Daily Times)

17 June 2015

Mosgiel's fire station theatre in need of improvement (video) - by Channel 39

30 July 2014

Dramatic turnaround in fortunes - by Eileen Goodwin (Otago Daily Times)

2 July 2014

Hats off to actors - by Bridget Rutherford (Otago Daily Times)

16 April 2014

Home front comes alive - by Rosie Manins (Otago Daily Times)

19 March 2014

Touring historical drama part of theatre's programme for renewal - by Eileen Goodwin (Otago Daily Times)

23 September 2013

Costume hire ready for business - by Debbie Porteous (Otago Daily Times)

13 October 2011

Young actors (video) - by Daryl Baser (Channel 39 News)

10 August 2010

Special Olympics club a community winner Taieri Dramatic Society 2nd in arts and culture - (Otago Daily Times)

27 August 2008

Chinese garden scoops awards Taieri Dramatic Society 1st in arts and culture - by John Lewis (Otago Daily Times)

16 April 2008

Fire Station Theatre Undergoing Transformation (video) - by Daryl Baser (Channel 39 News)

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