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48 hour challenge


Have you ever wanted to write or act in a play but just not found the time to do it? Why not spend less time doing it? No experience ... no worries!

During the 48 hour Theatre Challenge, teams must work to present a short 5-15 minute play over the course of just two days.

Teams will meet at 10am Saturday 30th January at the Fire Station Theatre and will be given three features to incorporate into the play that they make. Over the next two days, teams will script or devise a performance, rehearse and finally perform their work starting at 6pm on Sunday evening.

The theatre will be open for use between 10am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. Refreshments and some food will be provided.


The Challenge

48 Hour Theatre Challenge

30-31 January 2021

Optional Workshops

27-29 January 2021

Entries are open to members of the Taieri Dramatic Society and there is no cost to enter. If you are not a member you can join for a cost of $10 for 12 months. Teams will be put together on the day and will consist of up to 5 people, aged from 11 years old. There are limited spaces so get in quickly!

Entries must be in by Monday 25th January. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to enter.

"Have been looking forward to a repeat of the last 48 hr Theatre Challenge ...  it was such a blast ... I loved how the young were happy to interact with a few of us older ones ... this was not something I have ever done before so it was stepping right out of my comfort zone ... but what a laugh it was ... 
so will be joining the 2021 challenge ...." H.E.

"Went along to the 48 Hour Theatre Challenge having no idea where to start or what to do! We were told there would be help available if needed. I was put in a team that included a person with knowledge on writing plays. Phew! It was a lot of fun and plenty of laughs creating a play. I'm certainly looking forward to doing the challenge again." B.H. 


Optional Workshops

Anyone participating in the 48 Hour Theatre Challenge can attend any or all of the following workshops:

Wednesday 27th January | 1pm-5pm

Performance Construction (2 workshops) hosted by Tabitha Littlejohn

The Basics of Stagecraft
In this workshop participants will learn the basic skills to feel comfortable and confident on stage. From how to block a scene to commanding audience attention, this will help build your knowledge on how to use the stage to tell a story.

An Introduction to Theatrical Conventions
The words might sound fancy but not to worry! The aim of this workshop is to introduce you to what theatrical conventions are and how they can be used to build a play.

Magic Tricks hosted by Jonathan Usher

Ever wanted to impress and amaze with a slick set of tricks and a display of awesome talent? Join Jonathan Usher as he guides you through an array of magic tricks to enhance your natural magical flair and make you stand out on stage!

Thursday 28th January | 1pm-5pm

Science in Theatre and Performance (2 workshops) hosted by Amadeo

Science vs Science Fiction

How to use science to enhance your story. Science can help you with special effects when you are on stage, and also can help you make your story more credible if you use it well when scripting it. In this workshop Amadeo will give examples of how simple science tricks can help tell stories and enhance your performance.

Performance Range

How much of your own personality can you include in a character? In this workshop Amadeo will get hands on with creating stories that mix bits of ourselves with made up characters for them to be more real. From discovering the crazy scientist we all have in, to giving life to inanimate things like an ocean or a rock this workshop will allow you to tackle any character that comes up in your way!

Friday 29th January | 1pm-5pm

Improvisation for the Stage hosted by Zac Henry

Improvisation is a needed ability to have for the stage and for this workshop find out how it can be properly utilised for the stage work. Learn tips and tricks for long form improvisation including setting a scene correctly and how to provide your fellow improvisors with good open prompts.

Memorisation hosted by Miguel Nitis

Do you find getting words out can be a challenge? Learn the tricks to get those stubborn words into your head in an orderly manner and ready to burst forth at just the right moment! Miguel Nitis will be hosting a memorisation workshop, teaching you all the tips and tricks to get words to stick - ensuring you are more than prepared for your time to shine!​​


Any inquiries regarding the challenge or the workshops email or contact Heidi Rixon 022 139-8960

Please select which workshop(s) you would like to attend

Thank you for entering the challenge! We will be in touch.