death by golf

A comedy from playwright

Gregg Kreutz

Directed by Zac Henry


When an escaped convict, an anxious bride, a scheming new husband and a suspicious attorney all convene at Grandpa’s house, it doesn’t take long for Grandpa to realize he has to reschedule his golf game. Newlywed Ashley’s desperate attempt to figure out who is the real murderer, is sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by her golf-fanatic grandfather and a mysterious visiting attorney Muriel.

Auditions will be held on Thursday, 25th February, 2021

at the Fire Station Theatre, 3 Cargill Street, Mosgiel from 7pm


Grandpa: Scrappy old-timer. A good hearted soul who’s not as befuddled as he first appears.

Age 50+

Ashley: A little frantic, a little impulsive. She’s bright but life has pushed her around so much that her judgement’s questionable.

Age 20s

Muriel: A serious-minded attorney, not above looking out for number one.

Age late 20s-early 30s

Tony: Subject of a five-state manhunt. Anxious.

Age 20s

Prescott: Articulate, resourceful, and charming. He’s manically obsessed with hitting it big.

Age 20s


7th-16th May 2021


Willing to be flexible with ages for the roles.

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