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by Talk on the Taieri (5 May 2021)

A Mosgiel teenager expects big opening night nerves when the Taieri Dramatic Society Inc’s latest production opens this Friday. And he won’t even be taking centre stage.

The opening of Death by Golf at Mosgiel’s Fire Station Theatre means Zac Henry, at just 19, becomes the youngest director in the theatre’s 75-year history.

The hilarious play centres around an escaped convict, an anxious bride, a scheming new husband and a suspicious attorney all gathering at Grandpa’s house. Convict Tony is convinced bridegroom Prescott is responsible for a prior murder and is key to clearing his name. Newlywed Ashely is desperate to figure out the real murderer and is helped and hindered by her golf-fanatic grandfather and a mysterious visiting attorney.

Zac gave his inaugural performance as a leading role in “Central Otago Man” in 2017 and has been in every production and event since, honing his skills from acting to front of house.

“Back in year 8 my drama teacher at Taieri College was like ‘hey Zac, you’re actually pretty good at this. And I’m like ‘wow’. At the time that was the first bit of praise I had gotten for anything and I was like alright let’s go with this.”

Stage acting does not run in the family. “I am the only one in my family who does anything theatrical.”

He answered a call to direct the latest production and is feeling understandably nervous about opening night.

“I am very nervous. But I also have confidence in my actors. I am 100% believing they are able to put on the best show they can.”

Zac says audiences can expect “some good laughs” from the latest production.

He wants more opportunities to direct in the future and hopes to pursue a career in the arts. Zac is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts at University of Otago, majoring in Theatre and Media Studies.

Death by Golf opens on Friday, 7 May and Saturday, 8 May both at 7.30pm and Sunday, 9 May at 2pm and again on Friday, 14 May and Saturday, 15 May both at 7.30pm and Sunday, 16 May at 2pm. Tickets are $10-$15. For show and booking information:

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