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Written by Dunedin playwright Tim Hambleton      Directed by Geoff Smith

Setting & Synopsis

The action is set in the church hall, present day. The story takes place over 5 months in total. Each month there is a garden club meeting. Most of the action takes place in the church hall, but there is also a ministers office adjacent.

The gardening club meets monthly in a church hall and is losing members due to old age, illness or accident. It is also in financial difficulties and needs to come up with a source of revenue to pay some unforeseen costs. It comes up with an innovative fundraising solution but the unpleasant local church minister is determined to see the club gone from the hall. Once he has a whiff of some impropriety by the members, he engages a detective to investigate in the hope of providing him with enough dirt to expel the club.

The detective however, is inept and hopelessly out of his depth. He has completely misread the situation and as a result the Minister's plan backfires and he is forced to let the club continue using the hall. Meanwhile, local interest in the police investigation has given new life to the tired club and it is set to dramatically increase its membership, while two members of the club find a welcome friendship where they least expect it.

Auditions will be held on Tuesday, 15th December, 2020
at the Fire Station Theatre, 3 Cargill Street, Mosgiel
 from 7pm

4 male and 5 female actors required

Aged approx 50 to 80 years old

You will be asked to read an

excerpt from the script


17th-24th April 2021​


For information or to book an audition time

phone Geoff Smith 027 710-0395