Directing Workshop

The Taieri Dramatic Society is excited to offer a workshop for aspiring directors over 12 weeks from June through August.

The first few weeks will consist of selecting scripts and unpacking ways to approach them. Participants will then be guided through the auditioning and rehearsal phases of production. The workshop will culminate in an evening of entertainment where each director will offer up a 20-minute performance.

The aim of this workshop is to give guidance to people who have an interest in directing, allowing them to get experience under their belt. 

While commitment is required, we are able to adjust workshop times to work for participants.


Perry Spicer

I started a long time ago in amateur musical theatre progressing to straight theatre.

I was offered a scholarship to Drama Fed’s summer school and then the precursor to Drama School which was New Theatre run by Nola Millar in Wellington. After graduating as an actor I took over running the technical side of the theatre and school with a couple of great senior tutors. We had the top professionals in the country working with us.

At this time I also worked as a freelance professional lighting director which included a couple of seasons with the RNZ Ballet company. 

After a break of several years and a change of profession into Radio I moved and joined a couple of amateur groups where I learnt to direct with a theatre group made up of retired professionals from around the world.

Forward to my late 20’s early 30s when I gained a degree from Canterbury University and also spent several years as the theatre and film technique tutor. Joined the Court theatre as an ensemble actor and did some directing with amateur groups. I then helped start the only professional restaurant theatre in New Zealand which lasted several years and was probably the greatest learning experience I’ve ever had.

I have spent many years since directing and teaching actors. I have also worked in television and film but no longer act as I can’t remember my lines and I prefer directing and teaching as it is more anonymous which I like.


The workshop is open to members of the Taieri Dramatic Society aged 16+. If you are not yet a member, it is easy to join and will only cost $10 for the year. You can join here.


Spaces for this workshop are limited so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to be a part of it. Please email us at with your name, age, and a brief description of any previous directing or theatrical experience (we welcome people of all experience levels).


Expressions of interest are due by midnight 9th of June